All For Good: A great place to share volunteer opportunities

Alliance for Better Non-Profits: “Alliance for Better Nonprofits (ABN) is a training and resource center for the nonprofits of East Tennessee. We connect members to nonprofit peers, leaders, experts as well as to the foundations, philanthropists, businesses and university partners committed to making the community stronger through better nonprofits.”

The Taproot Foundation: “The Taproot Foundation connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono. Through these programs, business professionals deliver marketing, strategy, HR, and IT solutions that organizations need to achieve their missions.”


8 Fundraising Tools to Watch in 2016

Constant Contact: “Email marketing is the most effective way to drive people to your door, and with Constant Contact, you get the #1 tool for creating beautiful emails that drive real business results. From customizable templates, to drag-and-drop editing, to automation features–we make it easier than ever to send the best email fast.”

Vertical Response: A free, online marketing software in which you can create newsletters, manage contacts, create emails, etc.


Professional Development:


Talking it Through: A video series that teaches mentors about how to best communicate with youth or those whom they are mentoring

Conflict Management:

Riverhouse ePress: Provides resources for managing conflict

Emotional Intelligence:

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Knowledge and Learning:

Class Central: Online resource that offers free online classes in a variety of subjects

Grant Space: Online classes, webinars, etc. on grant writing and fundraising

VISTA Campus

Life after VISTA:

5 Resources to Jumpstart Your Career

7 Job-Search Hacks Everyone Should Know

10 Awesome Free Career Self-Assessment Tools on the Internet

Institutions that will match the AmeriCorps VISTA Education Award

National Outdoor Leadership School (will also match the VISTA Ed. Award)

USAJOBS: This PDF is a document that provides guidelines and tips for navigating

Job Scan: Jobscan will analyze your resume and tell you whether it’s a good match for the job you want. Just paste in your resume and a job description and you’ll get instant feedback telling you what resume keywords to prioritize, what your resume format should be, and what changes you can make to get past the resume screeners.



5 Reasons You Should Network With People Who Aren’t In Your Industry

How to Network Successfully

Time Management:

Managing Your Time: Provides handouts (schedules, planners, worksheets), videos, and learning links to help you better manage your time.


Ijams Nature Center: “A wild place filled with rocks, rivers, trees, trails, owls, and salamanders. Visitor of all ages and ability can hike, bike, paddle, stroll, learn, or simply enjoy the day.”





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