Are you interested in joining our team?

We’re recruiting for our June cohort!

What would I do as a C-N VISTA Fellow?

C-N VISTA Fellows will address social justice issues throughout their term of service. Each VISTA is matched with a service site at a non-profit partner in Knox or Jefferson County where they connect the resources of our campus and the communities to further strengthen their work. To see what our current VISTA members are doing at their sites, check out our C-N VISTA blog:

How will I be supported?

Our program is dedicated to supporting the VISTA member throughout their term through one-on-one mentoring, regular training, VISTA member meetings, and support as a member transitions in and out of service.

What positions are available?

We currently have 4 open positions–2 in Knox County and 2 in Jefferson County. Positions vary and may include grant writing, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, program development, and program coordination.

  • Bonner Center Technology Coordinator: This project will provide connections between the campus and community to increase access to and awareness of resources for those experiencing poverty. The primary focus of the work will be increasing access through the development of a web based platform that also increases campus and community organizational capacity to serve the people of Jefferson County. By increasing access to resources, our program and our community partners will be more equipped to reduce poverty in our community. Find more information and apply here.
  • SEEED Program Coordinator: This project will focus on utilizing volunteers and resource mobilization to build the capacity of SEEED (Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development) to support low-income young adults to develop sustainable careers. The VISTA member’s donor and volunteer mobilization will primarily support the Career Readiness Program with a secondary interest of future program development to expand the capacity of SEEED. Find more information and apply here.
  • SEEED Marketing & Events Coordinator: This project will focus on utilizing advertising, including graphic design and social media, along with event planning to build the capacity of SEEED (Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development) to support low-income young adults to develop sustainable careers. The VISTA member’s role will include supporting the Career Readiness Program and other initiatives of SEEED to expand community buy-in and strengthen partnerships. Find more information and apply here.
  • Boys & Girls Club Resource Development Coordinator: The goal of this VISTA project is to develop the capacity of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dumplin Valley and support low-income youth members to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Find more information and apply here.

How do I apply?

Create your own My AmeriCorps account, complete an AmeriCorps application, and submit it to the C-N VISTA Fellows position(s) you think you would be qualified for and enjoy. You may apply to more than one of our positions.


Feel free to contact our VISTA Leader with questions or requests for more information at


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