“13 Lessons from 50 Years of Anti-Poverty Policy and Research”

One of my VISTA Leader friends shared this video with me, and I think it is one of the most informative and pertinent talks about combating poverty I have heard. We all have different assumptions about poverty, but Dr. Stephen Pimpare explains the realities of poverty extremely well. Please take some time out of your day to hear what he has to say.

Lesson 1: Poverty in the US is common.

Lesson 2: Should we be confusing on insecurity rather than poverty? Yes.

Lesson 3: Childhood poverty is toxic.

Lesson 4: Geography is destiny.

Lesson 5: History matters.

Lesson 6: Caregiving complicates everything.

Lesson 7: Poverty is closely linked to disability.

Lesson 8: Work may be a necessary condition for escaping poverty, but it is not enough.

Lesson 9: Health policy is anti-poverty policy.

Lesson 10: Mass incarceration changes everything.

Lesson 11: Climate change is a poverty problem (whatever else it may also be).

Lesson 12: If you get money to people, they will be less poor.

Lesson 13: The war on poverty did not fail.




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