John Reflects on His Cruise

Considering I was on vacation for the last week,  I have not been practicing sustainability. I was actually part of a cruise ship that went from Charleston, South Carolina  to Freeport, Bahamas to Nassau, Bahamas and back. Now,  after looking at our theme of sustainability for this blog I started to think about how unsustainable (Environmentally) the cruise ship industry actually is. I understand the polluted discharges such as fecal matter, grey water, oily bilge water and air pollutants that come from the cruise ship industry, but I was not overly concerned. This is why I believe I cought the FLU, or whatever I may have. The last two days of my vacation I was achy, tired, hot, cold, sweaty, and bed ridden. Fortunately, I have moved to the couch as of this writing, so things are looking up. I’m normally not one to go to the doctor, but it’s been nearly five days and I think after seven it’s mandatory. As far as my site at SEEED, things are going very well.  I am throwing an anniversary party for SEEED March 17th, and I think it will be a great event. I have been away for five days, so I feel like im so behind. This is why I can’t await to get back. Anyway, I look forward  to telling you all about the anniversary party and other great things happening at SEEED. Until then,  enjoy some pictures of my vacation.


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