“That’s Right. It’s Goal Making Time!” by Rachel

That’s Right…It’s Goal Making Time!!!!!!
Can you already believe its 2016? With only 5 months to go on the VISTA term people are always asking me, “Well, what are you going to do next?” Or “January is the time to reevaluate your life…what are your resolutions?”
Corny sounding? I know, no one has asked me the last one. But since its January, let’s talk about resolutions. We all at one time or the other came up with an astounding two-pager list of things we wanted in the New Year. And if you’re like me, that list was forgotten the next day. Why do resolutions never seem to work out? In my mind, there are two main reasons why these good intended resolutions fall flat everywhere. First, we expect results immediately, and for some reason, many of our self-worth is reliant upon whether we establish and make these goals successful. SO STOP SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE. Or maybe this just happens to me…
First, when we make these resolutions, we expect instantaneous results. Take weight loss, if we don’t drop that 10 lbs. or more that we stated within the week, we get discouraged…and you guessed it we give up. Our culture is an instant culture. We have fast food, instant coffee (my favorite), and technology has made communication instant! With ALL this instant mindsets going around, of course many of us think results should be too!
Yet that’s NOT how it works. In fact, the things we want the most…we usually have to work for, wait for, and diligently pursue. So, if you make New Year’s Resolutions ask yourself, “Do unrealistic timeframe exist?” If so, kick it to the curb and make manageable time frame. Remember, you don’t get a Bachelor’s overnight, you don’t magical go from Secretary to Manager, and you certainly don’t lose 10 lbs overnight (Trust me, I’ve tried).
Second, if we don’t succeed in our New Year’s Resolutions, many of us are too hard on our self. Maybe this is because we see our worth in whether we can accomplish goals that are set in unrealistic time frames. If you mess up, you beat yourself up over it. This is not how it needs to be! Our self-worth should come from who we are not what we do… Once again, culture may have defined this, by showing that success makes you great. However, if we think about it, the success is only part and not the most important part of the process. Without the steps and timeframe to get there, there would be no success. Walking across the stage for graduation (success) is only possible after 4 grueling years of tedious, late nights full of tears, sweat, and eating a lot of comfort food (if you’re me) in order to get your homework done.
Overall, New Year’s Resolutions can be nice, but I think it’s important to remember that if they are set in a timeframe that is highly unlikely to happen and if you value yourself based on whether you can do it or not….than you might want to reevaluate why you do these resolutions.
BUT…in the spirit of New Years’ I’ve come up with some fabulous resolutions for myself (feel free to steal my ideas):
  1. Figure out the best ways to cook a Butternut Squash. (Yeah, the struggle is real).
  2. Continue to think about if I really want to sign up for a 5K. The key words is “think about” Totally Doable.
  3. Continue to learn about my job and what it can bring to my future job.
  4. Read more books for pleasure than last year: totally can accomplish this because I only read for college.  The Call the Midwife books I’ve heard are great…and they are waiting for me on my bookshelf!
  5. Exercise 3-5 times a week: Because it’s a great stress reliever and I enjoy it.
  6. Hike 5 more places you have never been before. But know that sometimes the best hikes are the ones you have done several times before.
Happy New Years and I hope your resolutions are within a reasonable timeframe and do not contribute to your self-worth but helps you reevaluate and have a great time in 2016!

(The picture shows my 2015 resolutions: 1st: Start Running, Graduation from CNU!, Enjoy more waterfalls, Live my life to help others, and finally, go Backpacking!)



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