John Discusses Goals for 2016


Hello VISTA Fam,

I understand that this month’s theme for our blogs is of course New Year’s Resolution. However, I am not a firm believer in this fresh slate/ new year, new me jargon. I am though a firm believer in obtainable goals. With that being said, I would like to discuss some goals I have with my remaining time at SEEED and the AmericorpVISTA program. Firstly, I need to do a much better job of utilizing the community television and getting our students stories out there. I need to document what these students are doing and what they plan on doing and market these successes to the community in a more efficient way. I plan on using our YouTube channel/ videographers/ CTV and other resources to document our students. Another goal of mine is to exceed the monetary donations we received from our previous Green Tie Event Fundraiser. I will do this by planning and recruiting for it earlier as well as seeking out more donors throughout the year. Additionally, I want to have an allies gathering for the students of our program. This will be a great way for our students to connect with our donors, local business owners, supporting cast, and overall SEEED family. In return this will give our donors and supporters the opportunity to create and emotional connection with some of our students. Additionally, SEEED anniversary is coming up in March, so I think it would be a good idea to do some sort of event for our anniversary. Finally, I want to create a smooth process for the next AmericorpVISTA who replaces me. I want the next VISTA who replaces me to come in day one and know exactly what and how to do his job. Although my predecessor did a great job on the sustainable builder I still felt a little lost the first month of my term. So, the goal is to find out why I felt lost and work toward changing whatever was missing and implement it into the sustainable builder. Finally, I want to make a better effort to attend events and parties that are held by my VISTA cohorts. I think I will regret it later if I don’t make an effort to build stronger relationships with some of my talented and hardworking cohorts. Finally, I want to wish everybody a happy and healthy New Year.


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