“Living Intentionally” by Xany

be-intentional-621x320.jpgThis year, I want to spend a year living intentionally. I want a year in which I truly live the life I think I’m living. My goal is not to change who I am or how I am living, but to live how I am already living to be the best, most efficient version of that life. I hope that putting words and numbers to the minutia of my experience will encourage me to be better about living in the moment and not living in my plans. As a planner-type personality, I often find myself daydreaming about what I will do or what I plan to do, but rarely, do I fully accomplish those goals to the extent that I think I will. As a friend so eloquently put it to me last week, resolutions are big dreams that often do not have a practical, sustainable plan attached to them. On the other end, I have big dreams and practical, sustainable plans, but I do not have the motivation to mindfully carry through on my detailed plans.


An intentional year allows me space to mindfully accomplish all the things I tell myself I want to do (why in the world do I only do laundry once a month? I really need to do that more regularly) and be reflective about the values I tell myself I hold (but am I actually living compassionately in the world?). My plan for this intentional year includes a day planner, a wall calendar, and a brand new journal (because journaling has worked out so well for me in the past—spoiler alert: it hasn’t). I’m thinking if I start everything in list form, the habits that need and deserve long-winded ramblings about whether I actually want them in my life will eventually get those ramblings. If not to my fancy, new journal, at the very least to my family and friends that listen to my other long-winded rambles.


Knowing me, however, there’s a very good chance that the practical, sustainable plan will remain just a plan and that my journal will still be blank at the end of the year. Isn’t that irony?


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